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Blessing of the New Van

On Saturday, 15 February the blessing of the new van took place!! The Mass was celebrated by Fr. Sergio at 6:30 am in the new GioiaARTS Room at the Ain Karim Children's Home. Sr. Ruby and the Sisters Servants of the Visitation were joined by members of the Guardians of the Visitation Lay Apostolate, the OLVYO, the children of Ain Karim and many friends to celebrate the purchase of a new van for their Mission Aid Home. It was a joyful occasion in honor of a dream realized and in thanksgiving for the Providence of God to provide a safe vehicle for the needs of the Mission Aid Home. Mass was followed by the blessing and breakfast. You could see the joy in the faces of everyone, especially the children who were excited to climb in to take a closer look! Thank you to all who made the van possible through your contributions and prayer!! Our "Vantastic" Tuesday initiative was truly fantastic!!

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