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Mano Ondoy: A Co-worker in God's Vineyard

"Mano Ondoy has given the SSV Mission Bato and the Sisters Servants of the Visitation his service for 39 years. He is a very special person, as all the Sisters can say about him, "we cannot find a person like Mano Ondoy!" Which it's true, because such a person as him is someone who should be treasured. He works silently, without complaint, always saying, "YES" to our needs and those of the children. He understands our poverty and always he will find a solution to make a repair as long something can still be used for some good. He is a person that always thinks of our security. In times of calamities Mano Ondoy will secure our compound first before seeing to his own family. We are also thankful of the Mano Ondoy's family because they understand him. It's rare to find such person like Mano Ondoy, who is giving his service with his whole heart without asking in return. His service is with love, humility, patience and understanding like St. Joseph. During our recent celebration for him, Ma'am Jo Marasigan, a representative of the Guardians of the Visitation, told during her speech, "He is the St. Joseph of this generation." I strongly agree. The way Mano Ondoy continues to give his service to us reminds us of St. Joseph. St. Joseph is the patron Saint of our religious family and that is why I believe Mano Ondoy follows as an instrument of God to our community, to protect us and to remind us that God and he are there always for us. His availability is always there for us. May God Bless Mano Ondoy and his family. May this be an inspiration for us -that service is something to be given from the heart and not just because it's our duty. We will be committed all the more if we give our service with love. Mano Ondoy can prove it, he is a simple human being but his deeds can give an inspiration to many. ~Sr. Jennilyn Ogaro, SSV

The Sisters Servants of the Visitation and the children of Ain Karim give thanks to God for sending a servant such as Mano Ondoy to help them fulfill their mission as servants of God. God always sends the humble lay worker to collaborate and cooperate with the mission of his consecrated sons and daughters. The SSV Sisters cannot do what Mano Ondoy, co-workers, and the Guardians of the Visitation can do. And we, as co-workers and Guardians of the Visitation cannot do what the SSV Sisters complete. But, together, in humble deference to God's plans and the needs of the mission, we can serve in the unity of the Holy Spirit and do great things for the glory of God. To say Mano Ondoy has cared for the grounds and maintained the structures of the mission is to just scratch the surface of all he has done in his 39 years of devotion and care helping the SSV Sisters. He has really cared for the community of SSVFI and their needs, great or small. Mano Ondoy is an example to all of humble quiet service and constancy of attention and real friendship during the best and the most difficult times; St. Joseph's protective presence in the life of the mission. God Bless Mano Ondoy!!

~ Cathy Douglass, Guardians of the Visitation

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