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Parish Advent/ Christmas Project/

Month of May to Honor

Our Blessed Mother

Welcome to the

Great Baby Blanket Project


Ways to Participate:

  1. Make a 30”x 40” baby blanket from flannel or light cotton fabric or yarn! Your sewing, knitting, crocheting skills are needed to create a blanket for a newborn child.

  2. Purchase a receiving blanket from a discount store or second-hand shop. Gently used blankets are welcome!

  3. Donate those blankets your baby has outgrown… newborn caps and onesies in good shape are needed also.

  4. Create a hand made “Welcome to the World” cards for baby girls and boys. We will add your cards to the blanket gift bags.

  5. Send a receiving blanket/swaddling blanket through Amazon Smile.

Leave your gift to a poor mother or family in the Manger in the Narthex of your church or in your school. Your gift is a great blessing and will give hope and happiness to a mother welcoming her child into the world!  Guardians of the Visitation will pick up the blankets and store them until all are ready to be packed and shipped.

Suggestions for your community:

  • Host a packing day.  Guardians will provide the Balikbayan boxes so your group can sort and assemble gift packets for boys and girls with Miraculous Medals and welcome cards.  

  • Have the blankets collected blessed during the Mass on the Feast of the Epiphany or at a School Mass.

  • Guardians of the Visitation can provide a PowerPoint or slide video to inform the community or class of the needs of the ultra poor mothers and families who are the beneficiaries of the gift of the blankets: Learn about the work of missionaries and the reach of the Church in forgotten areas of our world.


What our promise is...

  • The Guardians of the Visitation will provide a wooden manger with straw(optional), Signage personalized for your church, parish, or school.

  • We will pick up donations from a designated liaison person at a pre arranged time.

  • Guardians of the Visitation will pack and ship the entire collection at no cost to the participating parties.

  • We will provide Miraculous  Medals, pins and ribbons to assemble if your group chooses to include this activity.

  • Guardians of the Visitation will provide photos of the arrival and distribution of your donations to you to inform your community.


Common Questions:  

How long does it take for a box of blanket to arrive in the Philippines?

75 days is the average time it takes to ship via cargo ship.  We use reliable cargo services that provide door-to-door service.

Who can also  receive the blankets?

We are happy to split the collection between the Philippines and a local 501c3 charity supporting expectant mothers, young mothers, and families welcoming a newborn child. We are called as Catholic to go out into the world and live the Gospel as missionaries of the Living Faith.  Let us know your vision of how the #GBBP fits your call to Mission.

What time period do you suggest for the program?

A minimum of two weeks to cover three weekends and a maximum of four weeks. This is our suggestion to fit the program into the liturgical calendar or cover the month of May to honor Mary ending on the Feast of the Visitation.

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