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16- 18TH of August

Our Guardians of the Visitation in USA gave me an opportunity to spend 3 days of Holy retreat at St Andrew Abbey, Cleveland (OHIO) in occasion of my Mission appeal to the diocese of Buffalo and Diocese of Chicago.

It my second year to spend my Holy Retreat in this Community of Benedictine Monks, which they are living the Rule and Spirit of St. Benedict under the guidance of Abbot Gary of St. Andrew Svorad Abbey.

Brother Philip is the Guest Master, and he always welcomes me and introduces me to his community of monks, maybe they are 15 monks living of that Monastery.

I joined with them in praising God through Liturgy, Lectio Divina, Silence and their communitarian meals.

I really spent my 3 days in peace, prayer, meditation and silence in that Holy place and each one of them help me to reflect the beauty of being called by God in the Service of the church with the different charism. Their vespers chant was so very solemn and their angelic voice accompany me in my prayer.

Thank you for Benedictine Monks and Particularly to ABBOT GARY for your special Blessing to me before leaving your monastery.

Thank you Guardians of the Visitation USA for giving me this opportunity.

God bless you all!

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