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Updated: May 1, 2022

A Mission Experience of the SSV Sisters in Southern Leyte

On 21st through 23rd of April 2022 four Sisters Servants of the Visitation, Junior Sisters, Sr. Noren , Sr. Sophiana , and Sr.. Agnes, together with Sr. Nida set out on our journey to Southern Leyte together with the (ESRA) Eastern Samar Religious Association to join the Oikos Sisters in painting new homes built for victims of Typhoon Odette who lost everything in the December 16, 2021 storm. The Oikos Sisters (Oikos Ptoches Tou Theou) spearheaded a very successful and very beautiful project to build homes for the families devastated by Typhon Odette. The project of building homes has unfolded over the past four months and now the time has come to paint and bless the homes for the new homeowners. Members of the ESRA were invited to paint the “HOUSE PROJECT”, by painting the completed homes prior to gifting the homes to the victims of Typhoon Odette in Ponod Pintuyan, Southern Leyte. This great effort was to make the families' shelter more colorful and welcoming, and also to bring hope to the people so they know they are not alone in their ordeal of putting their lives back together. By joining together as a religious family made up from different congregations of religious women we were able to collaborate to bring joy to the poor families who were left homeless by the storm.

The journey was quit long but was worth doing for the “Love of the people”. We all arrived on the same day at around noon, after lunch we ere able to begin our mission of painting the "House Project". It was a small gesture done with great “Love”. We give thanks to God for making it possible for us to be able to put “Smiles” on the people of that village. After painting the houses we had time to gather together for a Shelter Turn Over Thanksgiving Mass organized by Oikos Sisters. With God's grace. we had the chance to bless the new houses before departing for home..

All glory to God for His care and protection in those three days of our experience. We give thanks to the Oikos Sisters and their co-workers and community for their work sponsoring and organizing this beautiful mission. We also give thanks to Sr. Rubi for availing herself to remain behind for the sake of our community and most especially for our children. Also, our great thanks for our Guardians of the Visitation who contributed the expenses of our travel and the contribution for the paint. Thanks to all who participated to make it possible for us to be part of this wonderful experience working together to bring shelter, love, hope, and joy to the villagers of Ponod Pintuyan, Southern Leyte. Magnificat!

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