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Alms: The One-Way Gift is the The Truest Gift

I have learned a lot of things being with the Sisters Servants of the Visitation. They have taught me things which I can bring to others and use for a lifetime. The Sisters continue to teach me to extend love and kindness to others unconditionally. The decision to do this is a conscious act but the decision is made in the heart and made without expecting a reward. When we are assisting the SSV Sisters in an outreach program they always remind me to carry out my work selflessly because it is a one-way act; a person gives but asks nothing in return.

Charity, of course, is a virtuous act. We become nobler as we do more and more good things and a person becomes a better human being. Charity, by bringing nobility in this manner, leads us towards a meaningful life. The good habit of Charity enhances a person's virtuous tendencies and pumps meaning into one's life, adding gems of worthiness to that life. Until a person has done anything remarkable, his life is incomplete. Every person wants to achieve, but even after achieving a good social or financial status many people find their life hollow. The reason for this is a lack of emotional and moral achievement. Charity serves this goal excellently and thus adds meaning to life.

What could be more spiritual than feeding a hungry stomach, clothing a shivering body, providing shelter to the homeless, or lending money to the poor? Charity is a path to a person's spiritual journey. It enhances the mind and soul. A good deed gives mental, spiritual and emotional satisfaction. It helps a person to overcome the burdens of their mistakes. All of these human sensations of connecting mind and heart with acts of goodness direct us to higher spirituality, therefore charity is a spiritual journey.

I am thankful for all the things the SSV Sisters have imparted to me, especially their great enthusiasm and examples of how to live selflessly, giving their service unconditionally with the guidance of God's Grace.

Thank You Sisters!

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