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Love Reaches Beyond the Gates

The Our Lady of the Visitation Youth Organization (OLVYO) gathered to visit the men and women incarcerated at the Borongan jail on Friday, February 14. OLVYO brought the

Smile of Jesus to their brother and sisters who are awaiting trail or serving sentences for their crimes. The OLVYO Valentine's Day gathering was focused on bringing expressions of brotherly love to the prisoners. The previous evening they created a prayerful Valentine card for each prisoner as an effort to reach beyond the gates in comfort and accompaniment. Led by Sr. Jenelynne, SSV, the Youth Organization walked to the jail bringing gifts for giving and dinner. They sang songs for the men and women and delivered t-shirts and a hot dinner prepared by the Sisters. Sr. Rubi's message to the prisoners was to have hope in positive future and know they are loved even as they face the difficulties of their situations.

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Guardians of the Visitation is a charitable organization dedicated in prayer and service to extending spiritual, financial, and material support to the Sisters Servants of the Visitation Foundation Incorporated as they seek to bring the Joy of the Visitation and the Smile of God to forgotten areas of our world.  We walk with the SSVFI Congregation through our prayerful devotion to Our Blessed Mother and acts of charity in our communities.

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