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MCP 2020 Archdiocese of Chicago Mission Appeal

The Sisters Servants of the Visitation are very thankful to Megan Mio and the Mission Office of the Archdiocese for the invitation to take part in the summer 2020 MCP program. In this time of pandemic the MCP program is all virtual but this presented a new opportunity and new challenge for the SSV Sisters! With the help of the Guardians of the Visitation the SSV Sisters made a short YouTube video highlighting the work of Mission Aid Bato. God always make the path clear and this first time endeavor came out very unique, funny, lively, and very, very true to sharing the heart and spirit of the SSV Mission. The video was a labor of love! And we were all so surprised it was shared over 60 times on FB and viewed thru by thousands. This is great news because many people with learn of the beautiful Charism of the Sisters Servants of the Visitation: To renew the visit of Our Lord to humanity, today. And to animate the joy, love, and simplicity of Our Mother Mary in her humble and attentive care of her cousin Elizabeth, to the most needy and lonely of our brothers and sisters in the spirit of Magnificat!

In 2021 we hope the pandemic will be behind us and a vaccine will come to help the most poor and vulnerable societies in our world. We will prayerfully look forward to the day when Sr. Rubi and SR. Leontine can travel to the United States to share with us their mission stories and open minds and hearts to the needs of the most marginalized victims of poverty and neglect. The Sisters strive to bring joy to the hearts of those they encounter by sharing the "Smile of God" with an attentive and available attitude of love and sincere concern for the individual needs of each person.

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