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Typhoon Ambo Relief Mission

This week the SSV Sisters and resident girls prepared 400 relief packets for the victims of Typhoon Ambo which struck the northern coastal towns and baragays of Eastern Samar. The Sisters are preparing to send a team of eleven to the town of Conception. The SSV Sisters are working directly with the parish priest, Fr. Dindo Anacta Catalo, who will accompany them during their relief visit. The roads are not passable all the way so the team expects to walk and transport all the relief packets on foot and by boat a portion of the way to reach the town.

The relief mission was scheduled for 27 May but needed to be postponed due to new Covid cases suspected in the area. The suffering of the people is exacerbated by the uncertainty caused by the threat of the virus to their remote communities. The suffering of the poor in this area call out for the attention of the world but the world is caught in the same net of uncertainty and anguish due to the pandemic. Please keep the people of Eastern Samar in your prayers as we pray for the healing of the whole world during this unprecedented time of global suffering. Our Lady of the Visitation, protect us. Amen.

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