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Mission Life

January and February 2020 were Mission Months for the Guardians of the Visitation. While our time did not overlap, we did work in the Philippines for over six weeks during these months!! Mission life is full if simple and complex adventures such as teaching the recipe for Seven Layer Bars and saving the life of a newborn baby; see the Miracle of Baby John Paul post. Every day, with it's challenges and joys, in punctuated throughout with prayer Playing, learning dances, singing new songs, climbing a mountain for the view and the coconuts balance out the work an occasional crisis. At Ain Karim there are always children to play with and when you are working, rain or shine, the music of their little voices hums in the air. There is sometimes even room for a pilgrimage walk! Mission Life is so like the visit of Our Blessed Mother to her cousin Elizabeth. A missioner travels far make a visit! A visit to be of some help to someone who is in need, to stay awhile and do whatever is asked, whatever is needed, to have conversations and to listen, and to laugh together! There is real JOY in every day of mission life! Magnificat!

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