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Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Reverend Mother Sr. M. Vincenza Minet, SSV (March.9.1929 ~ August.12.2022)

An excerpt from a letter of thanksgiving from Mons. Mario Salerno upon the death of beloved Mother Vincenza:

"Mother allowed me to make a piece of road and life together, walking on the dusty roads that 'from Jerusalem to Jericho', crossing a humanity torn in should and body. They are the roads of the Visitation, roads of charity and service, along the red thread of unspeakable poverty, on which the thread of solidarity and boundless charity is intertwined, which is expressed in humble and generous service that the Servants weave with daily and constant patience to save life, to give hope to a piece of crucified humanity and, in particular, to a vilified, mistreated, abandoned childhood.

From the favelas of Sao Paolo to the smoked mountains of Manila, from the slums of Nairobi to the squatters of Las Pinas/Manila, from the straws of the endless savannah of Ol Moran in Kenya to the shacks of the Mahitsy in Madagascar, to the poor huts of the Filipino villages and the plastic and cardboard shelters in the territory of Jaiba in Brazil: an itinerary that tightens the heart in a grip of pain, illuminated by hope, sowing the joy of the Lord.

"Help make me Holy', was her plea for help on one of her many missionary journeys And who am I so that I can be trusted with this tremendous , and , at the same time, fascinating responsibility ."

...Thank you dear Mother, for having wanted me as your confessor, for allowing me to accompany you and make me the depository of your interiority with its light and darkness. And thank you, Lord for allowing our paths to cross to sow love, peace and joy. She is now there with You and sings her Magnificat to Your radiant face of beauty, contemplated for eternity."

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