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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

A little paint can go a long way to lift the spirits of the community! The Sisters Servants of the Visitation and Ain Karim kids and girls led by Sr. Jenilyn and coworker and artist Alyssa Ganto took advantage of the recent lockdown time to renew the back gate of the mission compound in Brgy Bato, Borongan City. The gate is now flanked by a cheerful new version of the logo of SSV complete with whimsical flowers drawn by Alyssa.

The other side wall is covered with a brightly colored sign for Aim Karim in a field of flowers. Many artists made the work go by in two days including painting by flashlight to get the job done. The sign was finished just in time to welcome a new child to the Ain Karim Family who has arrived for a temporary stay, at the behest of her parents, to receive physical and speech therapy. Magnificat!

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