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World Mission Sunday 2020: "Here Am I, Lord"

Someone Beautiful to God by Fr. Stan Chu Ilo, pg. 60, "A Christian is therefore one who contemplates beauty, whose perception of reality is shaped by this inner movement toward beauty, and whose daily conduct mirrors beauty and attracts people to embrace beauty because it is compelling nature in the form of our daily witness. A Christian Mirrors beauty and reflects the glory of God by planting seeds of life, which bear lasting witness to the beauty of God's love and life working in the Christian's life.

God has planted a beautiful and good seed in you and you must plant good seeds on earth for God."

All the religious and lay men and women who serve in mission communities throughout our world plant good seeds on the earth for God. This Mission Sunday we created a small video to share the very simple and practical way the SSV Sisters live out their chrism of service, joy, and love.

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